Betty Buckley Master Class Tips

Posted by admin on February 18, 2014

Broadway & TV star, Betty Buckley gave a master class in Muncie, Indiana for students in Ball State University’s department of Theatre and Dance on November 23, 2013. Buckley is most recognized for her roles in Cats and Sunset Boulevard as well her starring role in the television show Eight is Enough. Here are her tips for aspiring performers:

  • You must have a commitment to your craft.  You must love it so, so much.
  • Don’t put your talents in just anyone’s hands. Make sure they are the best.
  • Train like an athlete.
  • If you cant sing the whole song in your core voice you aren’t the master of the song.
  • There is no other you out there. You have to discover who that is and only you can discover that.
  • Don’t think that you have to find success in your 20s.
  • Play with the material – express it WAY over the top.  Just enjoy doing it.  Be silly – run around the house.  Make sure you’ve got it in your body.
  • The mind is the problem – it will comment on your performance.
  • Practice, practice, practice – with a coach, your teacher, a pianist. It takes a long time to master a song.
  • The most important thing is to find who you are in the song.
  • The wounds you gain over your life you can use.  It will make you a better artist.  You can use it to create art.  The mission is to get beyond the pain so you can use it, not live in it.
  • The goal is to be authentic.
  • Music is love in search of words.
  • Becoming a good actor/singer is a lifetime journey and you get better and better – if you choose to.
  • Life is a mater of expansion and contraction – not upward and downward.  It’s cyclical.  Stay on point in those contraction times.  Keep working hard, and you’ll make progress for when the time of expansion occurs.
  • Stop acting – tell the truth.
  • Trust your impulses.
  • The problem for an artist is the mind – beautiful work is about beautiful focus.
  • When performing have a complete experience with a person in the audience before moving to the next person. You don’t want to scan. That’s not personal.
  • The audience will either be with you or not.  That is their choice.
  • When you have your chin up you are disconnecting from the audience.
  • You don’t need to reach out to the audience. You just need to let them in.

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