Posted by kbrueckmann on December 18, 2017

By The Desperate Househusband, Local Lifestyle & Entertainment Blogger

You know what makes a fun Christmas-y night out on the town? Jane Lynch singing Christmas songs at the Cabaret. That's what.

Folks, I know you're tired of me and my incessant Cabaret fawning. You'll just have to indulge one more time this year. Because this was the last show for the Cabaret this year. Don't fret. I'll be back next year in March when the Cabaret opens up shop in the Metzger Building.

Jane Lynch and her friends, Kate Flannery and Tim Davis plus a backup band of 5 instrumentalists, breezed into town for holiday fun and merriment. And the people enjoyed it. The show was so much fun. The band was phenomenal. Jazzy holiday tunes can make even the biggest Grinch start toe tapping.

Jane is a hoot. Kate is a hoot. Tim kind of plays the straight man. It’s hard to keep up with comediennes of that caliber so just let the ladies go.

Tight harmonies. Festive attire. Plus the Cabaret staff wore ugly holiday sweaters.

Though the show was terrific, the most exciting thing is that our good friend, Dan, set out on a mission to pull together a big group to come to the show. And he delivered in a major way. We were incredibly pleased and happy to expose a new group of people to the Cabaret.

We drank. We laughed. We listened. We mingled. It was the perfect Cabaret evening. Mission accomplished in getting some new patrons and gearing them up for next year’s inaugural season in the new, permanent space.

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"Awesome venue! I tell everyone I know about The Cabaret and encourage them to see a show."

Cabaret Guest


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