Stephanie J. Block Master Class Tips

Posted by admin on March 12, 2014

Stephanie J. Block, Broadway star of WickedThe Pirate QueenAnything Goes9 to 5 the Musicaland much more, taught a master class at The Cabaret on March 8, 2014.  Stephanie taught an inspiring class to seven up and coming performers.  Here were some of the tips she shared with us that afternoon:

  • Be as real as you can be – the realer the better: when I see you on stage before your song, that ‘you’ should be the same ‘you’ that starts singing.
  • You need to be in the song before the first lyric, otherwise it will take several lines to get us in.
  • Listen to what words that are coming out of your mouth, not what notes are coming out of your mouth.
  • When you have empty space in a song, don’t try and fill it. Be in it!
  • The second version is never as good as the first.  There is already a Sutton Foster so don’t try and be like her. Be you!  You are much more interesting than a second Sutton Foster.
  • If you are not ready to start when they tell you to go – don’t go!  They’ll wait.
  • Be particular – how does that lyrics relate to YOUR life?
  • If you try and recreate a moment, it will never be the same or as good.
  • It is usually more powerful if you sing through the pain and don’t let the tears come till the end.
  • If you don’t have something to say, they aren’t going to listen.
  • Even if you have a whisper of a voice and are speaking truthfully, they will listen.
  • If you’re singing a song no one knows – it’s all on you to make them want to listen.
  • If you’re still in it after you make a mistake, it adds to the nuances.
  • Be true to what YOU do.
  • You should think “I care, but I don’t care” – you care about telling your story and sharing your gift but shouldn’t care if the people behind the chair think you are the perfect person for that job.  If you put that power in their hand, you will inevitably be crushed.

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