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For those who love discounts as much as they love cabaret.

When you become a subscriber to The Cabaret, you'll get great seats and a great deal. You can choose your preferred ticket package below. And remember, the bigger the package, the bigger the savings.

Purchase 3-Show Subscription

Subscriber Benefits

  • Savings of more than $11 per ticket
  • Exclusive exchanges*
  • Insider access to season ticket presales and events added throughout the season
  • Preferred table selection

*All exchanges require at least 48 hours notice and are subject to a $5/ticket exchange fee.


Subscription Options

3-Show Subscription

5% off each ticket with the purchase of three (3) shows. A savings of more than $7 per ticket!

Purchase 3-Show Subscription
6-Show Subscription

10% off each ticket with the purchase of six (6) or more shows. A savings of more than $11 per ticket!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a “current subscriber”?

A current subscriber is a patron who has purchased a 3-show or 6-show subscription package to either of the two most recent seasons of The Cabaret. (2017 Summer/Fall or 2017 Winter/Spring)

When can I renew my subscription for the upcoming season?

Current subscribers (a patron who has purchased either a 3-show or 6-show subscription to either 2017 Summer/Fall Season or 2017 Winter/Spring season) and/or current donors of $250+ can renew their subscription during the subscription pre-sale period. This presale period is usually the week before public ticket sales. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY 3-SHOW AND 6-SHOW SUBSCRIPTION PACKAGES ARE AVAILABLE DURING THIS PRE SALE PERIOD.

What is a current donor of $250+?

A current $250+ donor is a patron who has made a donation of $250 within the past year. You can donate by clicking here.

I am a subscriber of the 2017 Summer/Fall Season, can I purchase tickets to just one (1) show for the 2018 Spring/Summer season during the subscription pre-sale period?

As noted above, only 3-show and 6-show subscription packages are only available during the subscription pre-sale period.

During the subscription pre-sale period, can I buy tickets to just only one (1) show?

No, even if a patron falls under the qualifications of a current subscriber or $250+ donor he/she cannot only purchase tickets to one (1) show. The patron must purchase a 3-show or 6-show subscription.

I do not fall under the qualifications of a “current subscriber” (see above) or donor of $250+, but I want to buy a 3-show or 6-show subscription. When can I do that?

Patrons who do not qualify for the subscription pre-sale period can purchase a new subscription when sales open to the public. March 1, 2018 for 2018 Spring/Summer season. If you want to qualify for the subscription presale period, you can click here to donate now!

I am neither a current subscriber nor a $250+ donor. How do I become a current subscriber in order to access the pre-sale?

If you are not already a subscriber to one of the two most recent seasons (2017 Winter/Spring; 2017 Summer/Fall), you do not qualify as a current subscriber. You can only become a subscriber during the public sale period by purchasing a 3- or 6-show subscription. You may access the pre-sale period by donating $250+ here!

How can I purchase a subscription package?

Currently, patrons must call the box office (317) 275-1169 to purchase one of The Cabaret’s subscription packages.


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